• Understanding Wetsuits Made Easy


People buy on impulse, others by brand, and others research the product, find the best option and attack retail armed to the teeth with knowledge.

If you fall into the latter and your current suit resembles Swiss cheese, do yourself and your impending hypothermia a favour by browsing the Billabong 09 Winter Wetsuit Range, online now.  

Yeah, I know, we launch one of these websites every year and tell you how good it is, and how, like the other dozen wetsuit companies in the market, we have developed the lightest, most flexible and warmest suits available to man.  

Hell, we could even spruik that our latest suit, the SG5 is not only 30% warmer, but it comes with a 100% guarantee of delivering mind blowing surf this winter.  Truth is, you probably don’t care because you already know what you are looking for.

Billabong make exceptional rubber and the 09 range is proof.  Our team riders bitch and moan if they aren’t up to scratch, so we test them and refine them and release them to you when they’re ready, not a second sooner.  

The 09 range encompasses a great variety of styles, price points and durable neoprene, we encourage you to test drive them here;