• Vague à l'âme Full Trailer & Premiere Dates Released

Chasing giant swells is every surfer’s dream that can quickly turn into nightmare. We are stoked to announce an underground look into the blood, sweat and tears that goes into big wave conquest, via surfing documentary, Vague à l'âme. The film tells the full story of what it takes to chase down and ride the heaviest waves on the planet through the lens of director, Vincent Kardasik, & starring iconic chargers, Shane Dorian & Benjamin Sanchis.

“My goal was to show what was happening behind the scenes of those trips,” says Director Vincent Kardasik. “Why were these guys traveling the world to surf? Was it for passion, money, awards or ego? I want Vague à l’Ame to reflect that reality. It’s not a surf flick, but rather a way to capture both the incredible waves and the raw emotions on those adventures."

The film follows Dorian, along with unsung maniacs like Benjamin Sanchis and Justin Becret surfing some of the wildest swells in recent memory at deadly spots like Nazaré, Jaws and Mullaghmore. Shot in cinematic 4K, Vague à l’Ame gives unparalleled insight into the dramatic world of elite, big wave surfing.

“The Irish leg of filming Vague à l’Ame is easily one of the best surf trips of my life,” says Shane Dorian about the adventure. “For the waves, for the people, for the country itself. It was magical."

“We started and ended the film at Nazaré, Portugal,” continues Benjamin Sanchis. “It shows the biggest beating of my life and a near death experience, then the last session where I caught one of the heaviest waves I've ever ridden and was totally safe. That kind of sums the movie up really. The highs and lows, the camaraderie between surfers and the hard lessons learned alone.”

See below for premiere dates & ticketing information:

London, England (May 19): http://bit.ly/2I31FUB - Tickets - https://bit.ly/2GdaqW0

Lisboa, Portugal (May 21): http://bit.ly/2jKBS4O

Barcelona, Spain (May 22): http://bit.ly/2rsijT4

Munich, Germany (May 23): http://bit.ly/2wnfYh0 - Tickets - https://bit.ly/2wzcbNM

Paris, France (May 31): http://bit.ly/2I4v9NG - Tickets - https://bit.ly/2IhTm2Z