• Wait, What Would Ryan Callinan Do for $600,000?

Wait, What Would Ryan Callinan Do for $600,000?

Ryan Callinan was featured on Stab's latest episode of "Computer Dilemma," a film series done by friend of the brand Toby Cregan. Ryan is peppered with hard-hitting and very important would-you-rather questions including some of the following heaters -

"Would you rather do steroids for a month or be vegetarian for the rest of your life?" (He chose steroids.)

"Surf in the Olympics in 2020 or cut your nipple of for $600,000?" (Olympics, obviously.)

"Drink 20L of Monster Energy or 5L of tomato sauce?" (Tomato sauce, for health reasons.)

Want to see more of Ryan getting grilled by a 1980's version of Siri? Head over to Stab to watch the full Computer Dilemma clip.