• Wake STUNT! Can we do it?

As you may know we are in the process of editing our first wake film Out Of the Pond... As the name suggest our goal is to not just shoot clips in the normal environment, but to take wakeboarding to some places it hasn't been before.

Here is our latest thoughts... Think we can do it? Comment below

1.    Preparing to build
2.    Welding the Goalposts together
3.    Soccer Goal complete
4.    Building the take off pool
5.    Building the landing pool
6.    Pools complete with jump ready
7.    Filling water
8.    Ruck approaching jump
9.    Ruck jumping up to the Goal post
10.    Ruck sliding the Goal post
11.    Ruck landing in the landing pool
12.    And all was good in the land


Wake Stunt