• Wax Off Surfers That Art

A new exhibition has popped up on the Surf Coast over this coming Easter.

Taking over from the Whitewash show from a few years ago, Wax Off is an
art show exhibiting pieces from some of the people who help drive the very
brands from within the surf industry.

Wax Off includes contributions from well known fine artists, photogs,
illustrators and designers behind the biggest surf corps in the country.

Salt water runs through the veins of this inspired group - drawn together
by their ocean orientated occupations and pastimes, each artist brings to
the show a unique perspective on surf in their own preferred media.

These artists are now able to leave behind the restrictions of the brands
they work for. They are able to put together an exhibition that will
appeal to surfers, art critics and transient hippies alike. Man.

The exhibition will be on down at Lorne over the Easter weekend - the 11th
April to be exact. And you can catch it at the Greenwood Gallery, home to
all things arty in LorneŠ

Empire Ave will be revealing the list of artists and bringing you bio's and
examples of their art each week up until the launch night - 11th April. So
stay tuned for more news as we reveal who is taking part in the gigs.

For more got to EmpireAve.com

Wax Off