At 16 years old, Maddie is already becoming a force to be reckoned with on the global competitive stage. From a 2nd place finish at the Park City US Grand Prix, to top 7 at 2016 Winter X Games, Maddie is proving that she belongs on the world stage.

We sat down with Maddie to talk more about her snowboarding career and her future with Billabong.

How did you first get exposed to snowboarding and when did you begin snowboarding?

I grew up in a Southern California in a small town, 5 minutes from a ski resort. My family all started out as skiers then switched over to snowboarding. From the age of 2 I started skiing and I decided the local mountain racing team wasn’t something I was into. So I followed the freestyle snowboard team around up until I was 7 years old. I then received a pink snowboard board and was addicted to snowboarding from that day on. My dad taught me how to make toe side turns, board slide a box, ally ops in the halfpipe, and all kinds of tricks. Growing up I rode with a pack of boys including my older brother. I followed them into everything and chased them down the mountain. From those days on my love for snowboarding only grew.

What attracted you to focusing on halfpipe?

I remember watching the 2010 Olympics, and seeing both the men and women competing. I sat on my living room floor thinking to myself thats what I want to do, I want to compete in the Olympics some day. Also I loved how fast pace riding halfpipe was, from the moment you dropped until you got to the bottom it was a nonstop adrenaline rush. Competing and riding halfpipe is constantly challenging my snowboarding and allows me to be creative with my style of riding.

What is your favorite place to ride?

My absolute favorite place to ride is Mammoth Mountain. You can ride anything from big jumps, rails, halfpipe, powder, groomers, backcountry, the list goes on and on. You name it and Mammoth has it.

What are your hobbies outside of snowboarding?

Outside of snowboarding I love being active, from surfing, playing soccer, and skateboarding. Being outside is a big part of my life from hiking, exploring, camping, and road tripping along the coast of California with my family. My friends are a big part of my life, I have nonstop fun when I am with them, we are always laughing.

What it is like being a professional athlete and high school student? How do you balance both?

It’s a lot of work! Getting an education is important to my family and my values. I work hard at both, school and snowboarding.

Who are your biggest inspirations or individuals you look up to, and why?

Growing up I was inspired by Torah Bright for many reasons, not only was she the type of rider I wanted to be but she was also an amazing person overall. Torah was a rider who could ride slope style and halfpipe well and that stood out to me. I still look up to her immensely. Also my friends are a huge inspiration on my snowboarding. When I’m riding with my friends we feed off of each other, and try different tricks that we otherwise might not try.

What was your best experience and scariest experience thus far in her snowboarding career?

The Grand Prix in Park City Utah, was one of my best experiences and a highlight of my season last year. I was having fun, smiling, landing runs, enjoying competing, and just being in the moment. With all of those things combined I ended up landing a spot on the podium. Towards the end of my season, I was able to participate in Amusement Mountain. It is an all girl backcountry awareness trip put on by Kimmy Fasani. I learned to split board and basics of backcountry riding surround by an incredible group of girls. We went out to a famous spot off the back of Mammoth Mountain called Dave’s Wave. We built a small jump, hip, and side hit. For hours we hiked in slushy soft snow, and sessioned the features. Once we were done we decided to ride out and go through a well known must do at Mammoth, Hole In The Wall. Our ride out turned more into a hike out, we ended up having to walk through dirt, bushes, and graveyards of rocks trying to get to Hole In the Wall. It was still was by far one of my favorite days on snow.

As for my scariest experience, I would have to say it was when I was about 11 years old. I was learning Back 5s, and I caught my toe side edge in the icy halfpipe of Breckenridge. I ended up with my braces stapled into my top lip. I had a swollen lip, cheek and nose which at the time I thought was cool. All I really remember from that day was that I got treated to large amounts of frozen yogurt!