• What a year… Parko's video tribute


It’s funny, last year I went to Hawaii to win the Triple Crown and had no thought of winning the world title. This year I came here to win the world title with no thought of winning the Triple Crown, and look what happened. Funny the way it works out. The Triple Crown is such a prestigious title to win, and I feel honoured to get another one. There are so many good surfers who’ve won it and I’m stoked to be amongst them. My year was a mixture of pleasure and pain but at the end of it all I have felt I have learned allot about myself and what I am capable of.

I wanted to post this video, it was going to be a world title video but obviously it did not play out like that. For me I can look back and say I gave it my all and this year just makes the fire burn harder.

I hope you enjoy this clip. My good friend Kendall filmed most of it and it was edited by Riley Blakeway and I am proud of the result. At the end of the day I am lucky to be doing this for a living and this video captures just that.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me this year, I can not say this enough – everyone whose worked with me, all my friends, all my fellow surfers and everyone whose supported me. It means a lot to me to have you all in my corner. Looking forward to a huge 2010 and going one better.

Wishing everybody the best Christmas and a better new year.


ps. Watch it full screen and crank up the volume!


Parko 2009 Tribute from Billabong on Vimeo.