• Who is Yoni Klein?

Who is Yoni Klein?

Who is Yoni Klein? Well, he's a 27-year-old surfer hailing from Israel. Yoni's grown up on the beaches of Tel Aviv and sharpened his surfing at the fickle waves surrounding the city. Not only is Yoni a world class surfer, but he's also accomplished a lot in the world of academia having just graduated med school in the Czech Republic 7 months ago. Since graduating he has been traveling with his girlfriend who also surfs and rips. Their travel adventure started in the Maldives where they explored for a month and a half. During their stint, Yoni competed in and ended up winning the ASC Maldives Open at Lohis .

From there they continued to one of the most challenging beach breaks in the world, Puerto Escondido, for the late season and stayed for 2 months until the waves were pretty much gone. Their next stop was Southern California, where the El Nino season kicked into high gear and they started receiving great swells.

They now have made their way to Hawaii for the final portion of their trip. So far Yoni has scored a few bombs at perfect Pipeline and will be looking to sneak a few more before heading home. For more on Yoni, and to see what surf culture is like in Israel, click here.