• World Premiere of 'Scary Good'

A night at the Museum is what we had, the Westside Museum that is, for the world premiere of 'Scary Good'. On a Thursday night in Costa Mesa the Museum was packed with plenty of partiers for a surf film that was not just any ordinary surf film. It was a film about getting together with a group of friends, drinking lots of beer, playing music, laughing and surfing- all of which was done last night sans surfing.

After everyone wet there pallets with some Towne Park beer and libations the movie went on to a packed house. Hooting, hollering and laughing galore ensued as everyone watched the flick. Then, local band Distractor went on and ripped the place apart. All in all it was quite an epic Thursday evening and everyone is surely nursing their hangovers today.

Special Thanks to Surfing World and everyone who came out!

Photos: Ryan Donahue and Luis Herrera