• Escape to Egypt

Escape to Egypt

Have you ever been to Egypt ? Here is the first episode of our Escape series dedicated to the travelers and wanderers of the world. Between the pyramids, the pharaohs and along the well-known Nile river follow our ambassador Amanda from the french travel blog 1 duvet pour 2 for a trip from another time through the wonders of Egypt.

"Only couple of hours from France, we can find Egypt, a country from another time. We had an exotic and eventful week in which to discover the bustling city of Cairo and the experience of a cruise along the sacred River Nile. We wrote our thoughts and feelings throughout each day, which were always too short.

Our first meeting with Egypt took place in the Cairo. How is it possible to resist the wonderful and magic city that faces the majestic Giza pyramids and is guarded by the Sphinx? It was an emotional meeting trying to soak up the millennium past.

4500 years ago the pharaohs were building these tombs and I hardly manage to believe what I have seen with my own two eyes. In constant state of amazement from the start, we also realized that the week was spinning so fast.From a pharaonic site to another, we sailed up the sacred river aboard the oldest Nile steamer, the Steam Ship Sudan. On this legendary boat we sailed into the middle of nowhere. Palm groves appeared from the sand dunes, and children were playing near the banks. There were so many contrasting landscapes it literally took our breath away.

Several places amazed us including the Philal temple, located on a small island in the south of Aswan, which was built on the water for the goddess Osiris.

The pharaohs were very close with Nature, and decorated the temple with palms and lotus.

When we arrived at the traditional Aswan’s souk, the colors, the smells and the spices drove our imagination back to the time when the city was a meeting point for all business in Africa.

In there we could find anything, including delicious foods that drove our taste buds to delicious and unexpected new heights.

Our trip along the Nile ended in Aswan. We can’t talk about this city without mentioning the wonderful and majestic Old Cataract Hotel, where Agatha Christie wrote “Death on the Nile”.

The hotel’s terrace offered us a view of the Nile and of the Elephantine Island. It was amazing. We could see the sun disappearing behind the Nubian Desert sand dunes, while sipping on a Carcadé, a local refreshing drink made from hibiscus flower.

As the sun sets and we dream for a moment while watching the feluccas on the water. With their big white sails getting swinging on the wind, it reminds us of a dance. These beautiful landscapes, the kindness of the Egyptians and the discovery of their civilization made this trip truly unique. The people are so beautiful and welcoming that we wanted to take all their good vibrations in our suitcases home with us.

If you are fortunate enough to visit, you will feel like traveling in a time machine. Despite millennia that have passed, everything has remained intact."

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