• Girl On The Go – Bali Model Joanne Mckay Spring Style Q&A

Girl On The Go – Bali Model Joanne Mckay Spring Style Q&A

We, at Billabong, are here to inspire all to live the life of their dreams. No matter your passion — may it be surfing, fashion, music, making a difference in your community, or anything else — we are here to push, inspire, and support you. We know that passion-filled lives are busy lives, chock-full of packed calendars, travel itineraries, and social gatherings. The Billabong babes are the dreamers, the girls on the go, and their wardrobes need to reflect their life on the move.

Bali model, Joanne McKay, is that girl on the go. Just have a look at her lust-worthy and dreamy Instagram. She is constantly moving and shaking, whether she is working the camera, motorbiking, or traveling. She invests in her friendships, yet still finds time to hang at the best spots on the island, all while being a kick ass mom to 2 year old Nala. The gal just doesn’t quit.

We first met Joanne after a long day of travel. She rode her scooter across the island in crazy traffic to meet us at Bingin Beach to start shooting. She yanked off her helmet and shook her hair out. After a quick round of hellos, she jumped into the backseat of our car and started to get her hair and makeup done. Beauty prep took all of about two minutes (hello natural beauty) and she was ready to get to work. Joanne shot the entire day under the blistering sun all the while wearing a tireless smile. She remained effortlessly energetic and upbeat. After our long day of shooting, she hopped back on her scooter, waved goodbye, and rode onto the next thing on her schedule.

Joanne is tireless. She is motivated. She is Jo on the go. But how does she remain so fashionable while zipping around the packed streets of Bali? Well, we asked and she answered. Check it out below.

Hey Jo, we are astounded by how busy you are, yet how put together you always look! Do you mind sharing with us your favorite pieces from our Spring ’18 campaign? What would you wear when…

…Having a beach day:

Sol Searcher Bandeau. A beach day means coconut oil and lots of vitamin D! A strapless bikini is always the best while sun bathin

.…Taking a dip in the ocean:

Sol Searcher Hi Neck Bikini Top. The best part about swimming in the ocean is ducking under the big waves! Which is why a bikini with straps is a must-have.

…You are zipping all over the island on your scooter:

Get in Line One Piece & Drift Away Shorts. Something easy and breezy! It gets hot on the scooter which is why a one piece is always a good idea with a pair of denim shorts. You never know if you’re going to end up at the beach!

…Having a fun girls night out with friends:

Twist and Shout Romper. I would definitely choose this jumpsuit as it’s perfect to boogie in! Comfort is everything. I’d pair it with some groovy hoops or a simple necklace.

…On a date night with your man:

Aloha Babe Dress. This little number is perfect for a date night! I like to keep it simple. All you need is a bit of bronzer and some earrings and you’re good to go.

Thanks Joanne, we’ll catch up with you soon!

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