• GIRL'S CRUSH: Chloé from Pantai Pantai

Chloé, tell us a little about yourself, your creative personality and your professional experience ?

I’ve been working in the surf industry as a marketing developer for over 6 years now. With this job, I’m constantly able to expand and nourish the creative personality I have had since I was a little girl.

What gave you the desire to launch your own brand ?

For several years, I had thought about using my experience in design to do something related to interior decor. I wanted to develop my own products in a style that reflects my personality and that wasn’t already on the market, something unique. So, I launched my brand without too much hesitation, and here we are.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I would have to say, everywhere: in specialized press, on social networks, whilst travelling, but also in everyday life. I’m a very good observer and I love figuring out trends by inventing new products.

I know that surf is a big part of your life. What does it bring to you? How does it help you in your creativity?

Surfing gives me a lot of pleasure! It doesn’t help me in creating things but it does push me to work more. It also encourages me to be professionally indepedent, so I can then travel and surf as much as possible.

What is your best surf memory?

I think that it was in Panama last year. We were coming up to a new spot by boat and I was a bit anxious. I’m always wary of the size of waves in unknown spots. But, in the end it was perfect. The waves weren’t too big, the spot was empty and the scenery was amazing.

You live in Hossegor, where can we find you? For a coffee break? A lunch with your friends? A romantic dinner?

I’m often at the beach, at « La Gravière » (where our surf school is - Darrigood Surf School) or I’m nearby, it depends on the sandbanks. If I want a coffee I go to Waxed, they have the best lattes in town. For lunch, I love going to Megs café to share their pulled pork quesadillas with my friends. And for a dinner with my boyfriend, I’ll choose Louvine Collective. Their Karage chicken is amazing and so are their cocktails.

Tell us more about your future projects. Any new creations or a surf trip coming up ?

I’m currently working on the Spring/Summer 18 collection. I’m always wanting to expand my ranges, all the whilst continuing to develop the existing ones. As for the winter, I haven’t made any plans, and I haven’t bought any plane tickets, yet. A little surf trip in November isn’t totally out of the question though. But, between Mexico and Australia, it’s hard to choose.

Stay tuned !

Thank-you for your time and your smile Chloé, see you soon !

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Girl's Crush - Chloé from Pantai Pantai