• Occ-Cast Episode 7 featuring Mick Fanning

In Episode 7, Occy sits down with fellow World Champion and living legend Mick Fanning. The boys talk Mick coming back (or not) in 2017, Balter Brewing and how Mick's been making more of life and moving on during his year off.

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Full audio transcript -

0:00hey everyone the guys at billabong

0:01giving away a trip to stay at the

0:03billabong team house at pipe on the

0:05North Shore of Hawaii visit

0:08billboard.com to enter the sweepstakes

0:09and now on to the podcast

0:16ok guys are welcome to the outcast it's

0:28a total honor and a privilege to have

0:31the man himself Mick Fanning with me

0:34I make good money thanks for being on

0:36the cast although without fresh off the

0:38plane pretty much from Alaska yeah yeah

0:41I just got home that away together now

0:43and yeah went to Alaska did some

0:46conservation stuff for a group called

0:48watermark know which was incredible

0:52when it happened so Bears went

0:54fly-fishing in just over just yet just

0:57learned about the area out there to

1:00Bristol Bay Area uh-huh

1:02which is incredible and then after that

1:04I caught the red-eye to align and caught

1:07the next red-eyed down to to Mexico and

1:10winter from the island arcs real epic so

1:13as he still ripping yeah always wise as

1:15it was there figure was it was great

1:17hanging out it's been awhile

1:18yeah but that's your second time to

1:20Alaska rawr yeah yeah so I love the

1:23place love it love it

1:25yeah earlier in the year went without

1:29making her know which was incredible and

1:32it was just just the whole the whole

1:37vibe of the price is just like

1:38everywhere you look it's just like it's

1:40like you're painting a lot of the edges

1:42and so it's and it's it's like there's

1:45no this is limited sort of his phone

1:49reception stuff but you can just throw

1:51it in your bag and not worry about it

1:53you have two great pretty pretty much


1:55no one really knows who you are always

1:57good of one of always wanted to go to

2:00Alaska but I want to get like on a

2:01cruise ship it doesn't look at the

2:03window and just like to isolate this not

2:05i was incredibly you go and live it

2:07yeah I'll beers I mean here in the world

2:10yeah yeah we were we actually win this

2:13time we went and we we cared that this

2:17one spot and there was no one around

2:20and this those bears shit around

2:24yeah and we're freaking out like

2:27thinking ah you know I get up in the

2:30middle of the night there do appear

2:31spooky-looking gonna get careful tonight

2:34down now I was it was incredible

2:37yeah well that's amazing and I'm so i'll

2:42just get next to your year it's been


2:46you know you want a bag and I want to

2:47talk about that no I don't have a little

2:50bit of homework come yesterday

2:52yeah and I ran out and because i know

2:53you think i'm the ratings yeah and he

2:56assures me that you'll be in the top 22

2:58at the end of the year

2:59yeah you'll be fine i think so yeah now

3:01he told me that if yes call me back

3:04um so yeah let's talk about

3:07qualification oh man you've had an

3:08amazing year every pretty much every

3:10event in your form has been you know the

3:13same as it always has been and next year

3:15oh yeah site um right there i'm not

3:19right now no I am you know I guess you

3:22are going to do the tonics yeah i'm sort

3:25of um I still haven't answer that

3:28question nothing up here you know I

3:30guess this year to be totally honest I

3:34didn't want to do any events this year

3:35yeah I want to have the whole year off

3:37yeah but you know obviously with with

3:40paid an hour and you know with their

3:42injuries like biology next year the

3:44world cards yeah I just didn't feel like

3:46timeline are taking one of those guys

3:49especially if I got to the end of the

3:51year and just like eh I don't really

3:54want to be so I figured I'll just I'll

3:57just go and do the events that crazy and

4:02in just trying to qualify all those few

4:04minutes and i'm not done that

4:06yeah it's up to you now yeah just cruise


4:09not and it's my choice which is it feels

4:12really nice yeah i'm sure like it's a

4:14little early to get site for next year

4:16anyway I maybe even now it's like to

4:18hear that

4:19still you want this whole year just to

4:21yeah yeah for sure like my whole goal

4:24this year was just trying to put myself

4:26in places that I never thought of day

4:29and and just and not have a schedule so

4:35it's been it's been amazing like that

4:37just the feeling of it always is so

4:39different you know it's you know it's

4:41like when you're on touhy you don't

4:43wanna vent as soon as that events

4:45finished your mind shifts to the next

4:47one unit boards ready yeah okay what

4:49sort of trying to I need to get to that

4:50the island and so yeah it's good just to

4:54be totally off and dad and then I'm

4:59doing any thing that I have to actually

5:01be at now yeah so good and I'm that

5:04training part Tillman are you know like

5:06nominal when is an amazing trainer he's

5:08been trying new enemies now

5:11yeah I started training me with him in

5:142012 yeah okay yeah there for years yeah

5:17and yeah he's incredible are ya I'm just

5:21really different and very open

5:23you know I guess when you trying for

5:26that many years it's like you gotta keep

5:28it fresh and so does do that

5:31yeah like I just like the way that every

5:34session is different yeah

5:35yeah he's he's a really open to

5:38different thing yeah it's good i'll be

5:40lucky enough to train with him and you

5:42expect that but yeah but you are still

5:45really fits ya always that no training

5:49in Alaska is not do this training and

5:53yeah now i'm going to insert this time

5:55it was just now it's strictly just it

5:58was amazing we just took a suitcase just

6:00getting and they're all know boards

6:02happen yeah those yeah just it was

6:07totally nothing that was awesome

6:08not Phil so I'm sure you'll start

6:11training with night nom again and later

6:14in the year like have you got any more


6:16um yeah I'm sort of just in the inn in

6:19the works of doing some different things

6:21towards the end of the year and then I'm

6:23early next year so that things that are

6:27sort of can't really side but but yeah

6:31it's all sort of exciting different

6:35things you know that as i said i can

6:37just trying to put myself in place yeah

6:39I've never really been and and even just

6:42you know I'm just sort of sitting and

6:44hard white for phone calls in my life

6:45this is well here you know if someone's

6:49like this

6:50let's go do something really fun here

6:52okay yeah it's been around for ya

6:56it's so close like all these years I've

6:58done the talk to and like you've been

6:59doing it for like 15 years pass

7:02you always get the same spot every time

7:04do you did and I you get it's good you

7:08get used to it you know where you're

7:09going you got your friends everywhere

7:10but it's like you need to get out of

7:12that on it yeah yeah just just past year

7:15the bubble

7:16yeah and just being vulnerable you know

7:18rocking up the places where where you

7:22don't really know anything and it's

7:24exciting and I guess also to like being

7:27off to her now it's not like i have two

7:30behind by this day two together there

7:32I'm like you know i'm booking tickets

7:36and tell my travel agent just put a

7:39tentative date and you know i'll tell

7:40you the couple weeks yeah it's it's it's

7:43been fun

7:44unreal yeah and um having you'll be

7:48right here with a beer

7:49okay well I'm sure it's a nice-looking

7:52little can has a gallery and tastes

7:54really nice and it's gonna really going


7:57we've we were being lucky enough that

8:01the you know the community up here is

8:04really jumped on and then you know we're

8:07expanding into i'm going to save me

8:10melbourne newcastle just in selective

8:12spots yeah and we're growing like with

8:16with we're finding it so hard just to

8:18try to keep up with Diane which is which

8:20is a great problem great bomb so we're

8:22expanding at the moment which is really

8:24cool and plans to go international

8:27um yeah look would love to but yet look

8:31we I guess she can straightaway yeah you

8:34can't you can't buy holiday homes when

8:36you haven't you're right

8:39yeah we were just trying to get a

8:40striker all sorted and i love it

8:43that's not nice and light a little sweet

8:45but it takes guess they're really not

8:46our cheese okay that means that yes

8:51Scotty Scotty ahead Brewers he's

8:54incredible year he's just I guess he you

8:58know he's just so passionate about being

9:00and you can just see like mad scientist

9:04just ticking and ticking and coming up

9:05with you

9:06it's all the time and now you always

9:08gives us an eb at the brewery way we can

9:10try and every time he grabbed my god

9:13it's different but it's still amazing

9:15yeah maybe i'm being bars but that's not

9:19like that's the size and the tour Joel

9:21took me through the tour out there

9:23promise yeah brewery and it's like sign

9:25eight and clean and nine this way

9:27everybody it's like everything is

9:30polished you know what wow this place is

9:32amazing it the better crew and they're

9:34doing amazing they didn't want to have

9:36like a whole bunch of my best friends

9:39and their work and it's a temporary

9:40that's your job and they be cozy and

9:45then and then obviously Scotty's the

9:48head brewer and then Stanley sterling

9:51reduce speed along ya makka I don't know

9:55what yeah and no family

9:58yeah as a waters it's great it's you

10:03know and then rumbles sisters there's no

10:06right for rusty so yeah everyone sort of

10:09come together to think right that's all


10:12I'm so I'm not like the last couple

10:14years it's been like kind of rough you

10:16know I'm not lost Sean long time ago

10:19younger brother and he was a really good

10:20so for a good really good friend of my

10:22stepsons rain really nice to hang out

10:24and then and then you're like we lost

10:26hate just this year and I'm and it's

10:31been it's but it's just amazing

10:34Cal like you've just kept you like your

10:37solid you know mentality and now you

10:41just died so focused you know just in

10:46hard times i made below you can decide

10:48you want but I'm a bit yeah because most

10:50people we like get really depressed or

10:53like going of chicken to you bender or

10:55something yes if self really compose

10:58year and I'm sort of goes up and down

11:01yeah look I sort of guessing those tough

11:04times that i find that you know if he

11:10gallon benders or

11:11something like that they're not gonna

11:13tell me is nothing i hope you know you

11:14just you you sort of wake up depressed

11:17then it just doesn't work and you know

11:20obviously really it was it was

11:21definitely hard for me and you know I

11:24had to just get away and and get out of

11:26the limelight you know when I went

11:28snowboarding after the whole year was

11:31done last year and and even the she just

11:34just you know going places like Alaska

11:36and just just escaping you know you know

11:38I'm not walking down the street and you

11:41know you know it's great to have a table

11:43didn't know you're gonna want to bring

11:46it up

11:47yeah and you know not only that but then

11:49probably more the shark thing if

11:51anything you know it's like an awful lot

11:54to do then and there too and i want to

11:56touch on that but I'm and I appreciate

11:59your talking about you know taking that

12:00but I'm yeah yeah you just gotta go now

12:04I yeah everyone gets don't bad cards

12:07know everyone gets dark

12:09yeah hard cards and eat it's like I look

12:13at my life and will come on blast I I

12:15get to live on the beach and I get to

12:18town still had a job that is incredible

12:22and I go and just got the best places on


12:26so you know I can't sit there and look

12:28in the mirror and cry poor me all the

12:30time you know it's it's like all right

12:32you you just got to make them more of

12:37life and in going on chase those

12:40opportunities when they are there and so

12:42that's what you like that that was a big

12:44part of this year's well you know and

12:46because that's what they would want

12:48yeah you know what yeah you don't even

12:53like notice it out of man but they were

12:57good time India and that's a true i mean

12:59after lism of my father and and we've

13:02lost a lot of close friends you know

13:04with Andy and down and there's been a

13:06few lately so here you just can't dwell

13:09on it you gotta move on yeah exactly

13:10this going to but as long as you like

13:13think about then

13:14yeah sure you know I I think about you

13:17know Sean and pay

13:19yeah every day you know I think about

13:21Andy all the time i think that you know

13:23there's so many different friends I

13:24would last and down you know I think

13:26it's just different moments where they

13:28you just feel like their presence or the

13:30memory will just show up and being able

13:33to take environment

13:34yeah you don't have to tell anyone about

13:35it but you know if you're just there and

13:37you probably see me walking like a lot

13:40of the point of a summary i just look up

13:42in this girl so maybe that's what's

13:45going on but I really believe that to

13:47like when you think about them and that

13:49it that means they're living you know

13:51they literally do hold dear for you know

13:53I get chills when you think about their

13:55a mainstay present and it's really cool

13:57yeah sure yeah look I have this you know

14:00call me crazy back i have this thing

14:02where sometimes I just feel different

14:06energies come on and you might feel a

14:10little bit more a little bit more

14:12energized or you know I feel calm her or

14:15something and I sought it can relate

14:17that to my brothers and and knowing that

14:20they're there you know you so I just

14:22feel like you've got a gun I don't owe

14:25ya one shoulder but yeah now it's it's

14:28it's definitely it's always good to

14:31remember those yeah it is and the shark

14:34I really want to talk about what you

14:38know you've you know your it at

14:39jefferies bag and you're in the final

14:42against jewel in your obviously focused

14:46you're thinking about the next set

14:47no not how long that law was was he can

14:49tell us but what was going through your

14:52head because it came from behind right

14:53you didn't say no what went through your

14:56head when it bumped it and yeah look at

14:59me pretty good she'll show you

15:01yes always you know joint called the

15:04first wave like yeah I'd been out there

15:06i think i was there for four minutes


15:10and like I got it certainly get out the

15:12back they started drawing caught the

15:14first wire and I'll sort of sitting

15:16there and waiting for that next set and

15:18I was just like are not just stop moving

15:20down the point like seriously would have

15:23been like a second or two and I was just

15:26the back to get up and move and then I i

15:28heard or felt the presence behind your

15:31hurt splash oh yes ma'am yeah and and

15:35that was when I just was like holy shit

15:37what's that and I try to jump on board

15:40put your legs down

15:41yeah and I felt it over this side so I

15:45jumped out of that side just try to put

15:47myself in between it and you know

15:51everyone saying the footage and then hit

15:55me off the board but then sort of drag

15:58me underwater with my leg wrapped for a

16:00little i'm gonna get tangled yeah I

16:02think that's may ask for something and

16:03let it snap and then it actually came

16:07back again when the wife went huh

16:09they came back to Parker that's that

16:11part of the footage that we can see you

16:12aided by the way yeah and so I know I

16:16thought I was actually really crazy

16:17there for a while like that really

16:19happened really

16:20ya like like you know obviously the four

16:22teachers they see the one thing you know

16:24I thought now

16:26did that really happen and then I

16:27actually sort of photo from and someone

16:30don't think it was Jimmy Wilson hadn't

16:32and yeah the last thing like a bump me

16:36again but just went straight from a

16:38board and the last thing I saw was just

16:40my board on top of its fin just selling

16:43off in the secret yeah I was like I'm

16:45happy and you swam for this game

16:48no I swim for the beach you were gone

16:50for the day I was going for the beach

16:51and skis why do

16:53anyway and now it's on to it straight

16:55away I know what happened so quickly

16:56yeah you like that one there within 10

16:58seconds yeah and that angle on here so i

17:02just i just shot in and I was swimming

17:04in and and and then I'll swimming on my

17:09moms like hang on this thing just come

17:11from behind just take you out right

17:13there so i was like what if you got a

17:16guy doesn't go down with a fight I I

17:18made a decision was like all right I got

17:2010 minutes like you know

17:22yeah I thought I was gone and so I was

17:24like all right let's let's go in front

17:26of her like 10 million part of it

17:29alright but yeah like so I just my whole

17:34thing was trying to get as high as I

17:35possibly cool time you get it

17:37advantage point thinking that was going

17:39to come up that way and so you can maybe

17:41get a job you get a job or something you

17:43know it

17:44luckily it didn't come the birds and

17:46skills came and the year was it was yeah

17:50it's a different feeling for sure just

17:52what would you call it now like a

17:54friendly tapur oh and inconsistent

17:57inquisitive little I think you look look

17:59I swear I got still believe that it was

18:03it was after my board it wasn't after me

18:05yeah and like a lot of the times like my

18:10sort of theories even with all the shark

18:12attacks likely i'm going to North Korea

18:15like I I feel like they've gone out for

18:17the board really just some little bright

18:20Connor yeah even if it's white or blue

18:22what does not really color it's ya like

18:25like I did some research and then they

18:29all just talk to that just young yellow

18:32and hiking yellows a different eh yeah

18:35it's like i was i was when i got home

18:38and whatever I was swimming like to the

18:40bottom of the bottom of the the the

18:43water and looking up and the yellow I

18:45was like out of control

18:47it's like you're so broad all you did ya

18:50tell i was like thinking you know what

18:52colleges blending yeah so that's more

18:54outgoing blood and that's it so that

19:00it's a look at it like sky and then or

19:02and hopefully it brings in another that

19:04I just get touched it is going green but

19:06our fucking going to tell but I'm here

19:10talking about the board i want to know

19:11about that boarding certain the final I

19:13know JB was quite small that hallway

19:16waiting period but I was really

19:18surprised when I saw you run down the

19:21boardwalk for the final and you had that

19:23board was a real why do I share the way

19:26that you won the contest on we did you

19:27I'm did you practice on that board hang

19:30on asset that helicopter

19:32I'm did you have a magic surf on that

19:35board the board little time or not you'd

19:37answer if that is taught the board that

19:39was a lot different than what usually so

19:41yes so sometimes it snappy seven years

19:44so I know that actually you know that

19:46the study where we had cyclone winds

19:49yeah actually rode that that money did I

19:52read that model pretty much for the

19:54house well now and yeah it's big yeah

19:56and what the towel so wide

19:58yeah it's a little far nine but because

20:01it's got 24 channels are just hold in

20:03that little

20:03so you are familiar with that ball you

20:06don't think it's possible for the farm

20:08and so I took it over in my mind

20:13thinking it was going to be perfect for

20:15those small that yeah and then you know

20:19when I when I woke up on that final died

20:23was tiny and I looked at who I had in

20:25mind he had flight to later in tiny

20:27conditions and I'm like well yeah I'm

20:31pretty sure I'm gonna get beaten this

20:33puzzle guy have fun and and I had gained

20:37hazard with me as well it's like just

20:38thought it was perfectly granted

20:41yeah and channels yeah and first wife I

20:44actually flew down the line and just

20:48went straight out of the back to the

20:50channels just had too much air under

20:51outside i'm just one is the one yeah

20:54it's not gonna work where I was I was

20:57about to paddle and turquoise ring other

20:59world but as I asked after that's right

21:01there yet

21:02you know it doesn't feel that it yeah

21:03and and then yeah just yeah from the

21:06sweet spot on it just went from there

21:09hold on this addy hate shipping with him

21:13through like i dot right here anymore

21:16yes that j/k boys right yeah everything

21:22else yeah yeah it's like starting all

21:24these people would be good yeah he is

21:28I started ridin th is always 13 think

21:33yeah I'm i was out running around


21:37yeah i was riding Darrell bulges before

21:39that and then

21:42I was just at a club brand and I just

21:44asked the ice like a small town and he

21:48just like I was not looking to get

21:50rejected and then you got ya know I was

21:53like but they don't have to go until

21:57Darrell and I'm sorry but it got this

22:01way and it's been a great relationship

22:03with you actually had all those jeans

22:08united has been moments where just want

22:11to throw board at him and but then you

22:14know not to send the time you know i

22:15love working with you and he's just such

22:18a funny character

22:19yeah he's a big old cool and down so the

22:24last question i really want to ask is

22:26I'm next year and now you can avoid the

22:31question a little bit but i can't wait

22:32to see you on tour next year I think you

22:34better and I'm I'm like writing a book

22:36that we fix it now but I moon are even

22:39before that like just to finish that

22:41thing with jb like after the shark

22:43attack and winning like this year was

22:46just finished the porque like I'm a

22:48knight must want to go back there again

22:50next year yeah for sure you know jenna

22:52is one of those places are you know at

22:55the start of the year I didn't know if I

22:57was gonna go back there for the event

22:59but i knew i was going to go back there

23:00just to you know I just wanted to go on

23:04right the wrongs and the wrong yeah and

23:06you know you know what it's like it's

23:07such a special place in such a there's

23:10so many amazing people this 1i just

23:13imagine that what people must think like

23:15outsiders that don't sir it's got

23:19attacked by a shark and he's going back

23:21he's like you crazy or not understand

23:26certain yeah and I'm going year I try to

23:29make a constitute conscious decision not

23:31to put myself in these really bad

23:33position and and so I'm gonna done that

23:36little pond fishing in Alaska where

23:39there's been there are 15 feet away is

23:42any separate the guerrillas yeah

23:44like I i just got a definition but you

23:48know I think he's one of them largely

23:50exactly you don't get to the end and be

23:52like yeah should've done that and

23:55there's no bucket-list here

23:56no ya don't know I guess you're not

24:00going back to the question that the hgi

24:02I don't have to like it or not you know

24:06I'd love to love the whole world titles

24:09i mean yeah look at me now we know Mark

24:11Richards and there's a record to be

24:13broken or maybe that's an Australian

24:15very forward and it's a record

24:17nevertheless you're not really

24:19now look at you and will solve it is

24:24strange to me don't really hear you

24:26that's right yeah and innocent looking

24:29really comfortable and you always

24:30comfortable in-ear comfortable

24:32yeah you know in your own skin that

24:34story just the extra-wide this is how

24:38you just leave it up in the air you know

24:39my name is hanging yeah yeah I wish I

24:42could tell you but I really dont not you

24:44know I could probably tell you in

24:45February or something Ben

24:47Yeah Yeah right now I'm just having so

24:49much fun yeah just being a nice schedule

24:51and just showing after places and

24:54I'm just saying what's next yeah at what

24:56point of time do you actually have to

24:58tell wsl you said februari got a lot

25:00later this waiting for like two days

25:01before it's not like i mean i'll

25:04probably whoever is next in line

25:07how much do you want for ya but now i

25:11don't know i look i dunno i will serve

25:14snapper and again sir I got ya got my

25:17dream is to retire bells and that was

25:22that was the first-ever I'll event no

25:25one and that was like yeah it feels I

25:29feel really comfortable down this i

25:32don't have to be next year or the year

25:33after or if I can't give me one night as


25:37well there you could win it when you're

25:3950 now but I'm keeping mine I'd like to

25:43go bells yeah and i am going to get back

25:45I'll do it will it be before four going

25:50to take yeah it's got to be flagged yeah

25:53i'll make Thank You sunrise I mean not

25:55glad I guess pleasure

25:57yeah thank you know it's just