• The Billabong Guide to Bali

The Billabong Guide to Bali

The Billabong Guide to Bali

Oh, Bali: summertime’s North Shore. And here’s the thing, sure it’s Fall now but Bali’s still cranking. Not to mention that round-trip tickets out of LAX are cheaper than they’ve been in a decade. We’re talking $550 tickets, guys! You got two weeks to spare?

And while we won’t spell out exactly where to surf (where would the adventure be in that?) we can give you some good tips for “The Island of the Gods” when you finally click buy on that ticket you have saved on Skyscanner and arm you with a surfer's guide to Bali.

The following are three zones where you’d probably find yourself based out of (don’t stay in Kuta!) and a guide to where you’d want to be out of the water.

If You're Staying on the Bukit

Where to Eat: Single Fin, above the cliff overlooking Uluwatu, is a great bet, and for cheaper eats, any of the warungs (local cafes) on the cliff down the path all have great nasi goreng (fried rice) among other local eats. Near Padang Padang, Bukit Café has your healthiest, most organically awesome options (and right next door is a killer massage place.)

Where to Stay: There’s a ton of simple homestays and cheap hotels on the road to Uluwatu, Ayodhya is a decent one, but if you want to impress your woman, or a lucky Tinder date, the boutique Mu Hotel is amazing above Bingin.

Where to Mingle: Single Fin at Uluwatu on a Sunday is one of the best places to party in all of Bali. Guaranteed.

Where to take your chick post-surf: Down the cave to Uluwatu, around the corner to the left is an awesome little beach to hang on. The beach at Padang Padang has the best sunsets and for a cool walk, at lowtide stroll from Impossibles all the way to Bingin.

A Few Tips:

  • Hire a moped/motorbike for mobility (don’t pay more than 60K a day)
  • Pay attention to the huge tidal shifts to score breaks like Ulu’s and Bingin more uncrowded

If You're Staying East of the Bukit

Where to Eat: Komune restaurant is the closest grinds right on the beach from Keramas, but if you want something cheap and amazing, walk out to the road outside Kerama’s gates and there’s an epic Thai food joint right across the street.

Where to Stay: Komune is the closest to the action, but we’d recommend renting a villa or room in one off AirBnB.

Where to Mingle: Again, Komune is the spot to meet babes in that neck of the jungle.

A Few Tips:

  • If Keramas is too crowded or onshore, walk down the beach and search for your own private peak

If You're Staying West of the Bukit

Where to Eat: The Shady Shack on the way to Canggu is brand new and pretty delicious (from the owners of Betel Nut, another great option). Milk and Madu has the best breakfasts in the southern hemisphere and the food isn’t half bad right on the beach at Echo.

Where to Stay: There’s a few surf camps really close to the beach at Canggu but we’d recommend searching for a villa or room in one off AirBnB again. Berawa also has some great homestay options for less than 20 bucks USD.

Where to Mingle: Old Man’s (at Old Man’s Beach) on Wednesday's is the place to be in all of Bali, maybe. Then once that winds down, walk the beach (with caution) 200 yards west to the Sand Box for raging on the beach until dawn.

A Few Tips:

  • Definitely rent a motorbike to be mobile and if you’re over Canggu (and the Bukit)
  • If you want an easier, longer wave, 2 hours up the coast is the left pointbreak Medewi that loves a good south swell
  • Berawa Beach is also Canggu’s lesser known cousin

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