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A classic reef break, located just out of downtown Santa Cruz, Steamers Lane has a rich surfing history and offers some of the most consistent surf in all of California. The wave is a playground for every type of surf enthusiast. But you better bring your good attitude, because the pack is tight and you may find yourself paddling around in circles not catching anything.

If you're a newcomer, show some respect and it will come back to you in the form of a fast moving ramp to launch from. Oh yeah, the water temps are never warm and a 4/3 is wearable year round.

Get yourself into the Foil 4/3 Chest Zip Long Sleeve Steamer and consider your arsenal complete. As part of our world renowned Foil series, this 4/3 chest zip long sleeve steamer offers progressive performance at an entry level price. In other words, you can expect high quality paired with high value. Made from premium Ax2 superflex neoprene for superior stretch, plus Furnace thermal lining with recycled hallow yarn jersey for increased warmth.

| Temperature Guide : 12°C - 17°C |

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