• For The Love Of...Photography with Cécilia Thibier

For The Love Of...Photography with Cécilia Thibier

We’ve been busy celebrating a Summer of love in France. For us it’s our love of the sea, being in the sun, surfing with our sisters, and living a bikini kinda life…

As we’ve been celebrating a summer of surfing with the Billabong Women’s Surf Team and all things we love most, like travel, good food and good vibes we thought we’d introduce you to another one of our loves…photography.

We had the pleasure of spending the week with photographer Cécilia Thibier who shares the same love of photography and surf. See her with our three Aussies favorites Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast and Pacha Light for a behind the scenes look at her in action in Biarritz and check out some of her beautiful images from our week in France.

Read our Q&A. For the Love of…Photography with Cécilia Thibier.

Have you always lived in Biarritz, France? I was born in Paris, I grew up in Normandy, I traveled a lot since I was fifteen years old, until my final Home destination Biarritz, 6 years ago

What is home like, for those who have never been to Biarritz? HOME means PARADISE, ocean, healthy life, mountains, food, amazing lights

How did you get into photography?During one of my first travels alone in Birmanie few years ago, I had a « photography attack », a scene with a bonze, made me crazy and addict of being a photographer.

How long have you been capturing women’s surfing? What’s the best part about it? I arrived in Biarritz 6 years ago, I wasn’t at all a surfer, but it was my dream, the first step was to work for a « Surf School » Cote des Basques. The second step was to meet Victoria Vegara on the water. She gave me my second « Photography attack », I worked hard, learned to surf, learned to shoot on the water…

What’s your favorite piece from the new Surf Capsule collection?I love them all ,-) it depends the part of the day

What inspires your work? LIGHTS WOMAN OCEAN

Type of camera you prefer? Lens? My 5D mark 4. my favorite lens 50 mm

What are some creative ways you stay balanced in your daily life? I see the Ocean everyday, I surf too

Any must-see spots for those traveling to the southern part of France?

BIARRITZ cote des basques `/ port vieux / grande plage

GUETHARY parlementia


What are your favorite local surf spots?COTE DES BASQUES & CENITZ

What’s next on the horizon? Any exciting trips planned? (mexico) SAYULITA again ,-) i will try to discover Saladita, and why not BYRON BAY in a VAn’s LIFE