• Spot Light On : Mauricio & Olja

Meet Mauricio Corridan & Olja Ryzevski, 2 travel-addicts who have inspired us to represent a part of our fall 17 collection and create some specific content for the range. Travelers, adventurers and creatives the duo has realized an original and quality work totally in phase with Billabong’s spirit. Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Germany, Crimea, the artist couple tell us about their atypical experiences : this passion for photography that led them to quit their jobs for a more creative path, « the one that corresponds best to them ».

Where do you come from and how did you start your adventure ?

I’m from Tenerife but was born in Ireland and Olja was born in Siberia, Russia, grew up in Crimea, but has been living in Germany for the past 15 years. We met in Switzerland in 2011 while we were both doing an internship in Online Marketing and shortly after we decided to move to Berlin. Our adventure began the moment we decided to study photography together.

How could you define your photography style?

We study photography and we have been told that our style is defined by clean aesthetics, graphic forms, light and shadow play. We find it rather hard to define it ourselves because we like and do many different things.

How did you like your experience with Billabong with Olja as your muse ? Can we say that the ocean is an inspiration for your photoshoot?

It was great, we always work together and she usually models when we have projects. We both know what we like and what we are looking for. The production with Billabong was a great experience!

The Ocean was definitely an inspiration for the project with Billabong. I grew up in the Canary Islands and Billabong was one of my favourite brands in my teenage years. Shooting the collection close the ocean and in various locations around Tenerife was a dream come true.

What three words could you use to describe your couple ?

- International

- Creative

- Easy going

How can you deal with working together ?

It’s not always easy! We live, study, work and travel together. It can be too much sometimes, but at the same time we are a great team and we work well together! We are happy to have started our own website and business “Omocado” together!

You seem to spend a lot of time in Berlin, do you have any special spots to recommend there?

Berlin has a lot to offer, we especially love the Prenzlauer Berg area which is where we live and spend most of our time when we are in Berlin. We often spend time at cafes like Daluma or Superfoods which have the yummiest smoothie bowls, avocado toasts or cold-pressed juices. Sometimes, when we need a break from working from home, we go to the Cafe at Soho House which has really cozy sofas and work there.

How your traveling experiences did impact your lifestyle and work?

Incredibly. Since we travel a lot and constantly have new unexpected projects, plans are often organised and changed very spontaneously. We need to travel constantly to create content so when we are in Berlin we are always discussing what our next destination/s will be.

Our biggest inspiration comes when travelling, visiting and exploring new countries and places. I mean, isn't it amazing that nowadays we can explore the World more than ever and meet so many people, learn more about other cultures? Every single trip inspires us to create something beautiful and be an inspiration for others.

A place you can call Home ?

Since we are both multicultural and travel so much, home is wherever we are together.

Any advices for young creatives ?

Get inspired by going to exhibitions, galleries and meeting all sorts of creative minds! Seeing other creatives work is great and can help you find your own interests and shape your own style. Try things out and don’t think too much. Just do what you like!


Daluma Café Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin, Allemagne


Superfoods Berlin Weinbergsweg 23, 10119 Berlin, Allemagne


Soho House Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin, Allemagne


Find Out More, http://www.omocado.com/blog/billabong