• Tanika Hoffman's search for blue waves in Barbados

Tanika Hoffman's search for blue waves in Barbados

Tanika Hoffman cruised the island of Barbados in search of crystal blue waves and endless seaside views. See what she found, including her favorite lunch spots, waves, bikinis, and why this culturally colorful destination keeps bringing her back for more.

Scroll through the pictures from her picturesque surf trip and read our little Q&A with our favorite South African below.

What brought you to Barbados? It was love at first sight for me with Barbados!! This was my second trip to Barbados, and I just had to go back. I love the laid back culture and tropical beach lifestyle that I get to live when visiting the beautiful island.

Tell us about some of your favorite places to surf while you were down there…The first time I visited Barbados I mainly surfed the South side of the Island and fell in love with the all the perfect left reef spots such as South Point and Brandons, I also had a few fun sessions surfing the iconic Soup Bowls. This time I was lucky enough to get the west side of the island breaking (which only happens a few times a year). We spent our days driving from spot to spot surfing uncrowded perfection and exploring all the incredible untouched corners of the island.

Any favorite bikinis styles this season? I have so many favorites. They are all designed to make you feel feminine, yet they are perfect to surf in.

Fire Eyes Tank

Fire Eyes Hawaii Lo

Sol Searcher Fixed Tri

Sol Search Tanga

Tanlines Trilet

Tanlines Retro

We hear Barbados is a colorful place with an equally colorful culture…can you tell us a little more about your experience? It's amazing, and so unique!Barbados is a beautiful place, home to the most down to earth, kind people. Everyone there lives a simple life...and I'm a simple girl, so I find it easy to adhere to their Island lifestyle/ I am also in love with the Bajan accent, I could listen to them speak all day long.

Was this your first time to Barbados? If not, what made you want to come back again? This was my second visit to Barbados and I hope to have many more. I extended my stay on both my trips to Barbados, it’s a hard place to leave. Barbados is the kind of place that just gives you the overall feeling of bliss and happiness when you visit, everything is so beautiful...from the people, to the beaches and waves.

Any secrets to surf travels? I think the key is to just take everything as it comes...It can be really hard to get a solid plan in place for a surf trip, as you never know what the waves are going to be like. My trip to Barbados was unplanned and I had an incredible time...I think it is important to just explore with a completely open mind, and you'll be amazed at what you can find.

Any must-sees while in Barbados? Besides the many beautiful beaches and fun surf spots, there are also some incredible shipwrecks to snorkel around and visiting the fish markets is definitely a must! Surfing a spot called Freights (although it's more of a longboarding wave) is also one of my favorite things to do, as you are guaranteed to share the lineup with sea turtles. Almost everywhere along the roads around the island there are coconut stands, where you can get some delicious fresh coconut water.

How was the Caribbean cuisine? Any cravings from your time there? I definitely miss the fish-cutters, which is a flying fish sandwich (there is a little vendor close to one of my favorite surf spots whose business did great while I was there haha). Flying fish is delicious and is the national dish of Barbados :) Also, at least one trip to Chefette is mandatory when visiting Barbados. It's just a restaurant chain...but what’s not to love about a drive through roti or chicken sandwich.

What is it about surfing in Barbados that has made you fall in love? The warm water, lots of breaks to choose from, palm tree covered beaches, welcoming and friendly locals, long days on the beach...

Where is your next dream surf-cation? I have always dreamed of exploring the African coastline....there are new spots being discovered daily and the untouched beauty would make for an incredible adventure. At the moment Liberia is at the top of my list.

Okay, so you travel the world for surfing… what are 5 things you always travel with!

Bikinis, boards and wax (finding your favorite wax on the smaller islands can be tricky)....a camera to capture all the wonderful memories...I also try to travel with little gifts from home, to exchange with locals or give to families or friends that host me :)